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Simple, Affordable, & Accessible Care

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Getting control of your health is easy with Revive!

Revive gives you the care you want, the medications you need, and supports your well-being with a simple, convenient, and affordable plan that is right for anyone with out health insurance


One simple, affordable health membership


Primary care, mental health, wellness, and prescriptions


Revive meets your needs and provides you with peace of mind

One simple, affordable health membership

Primary care, mental health, wellness, and prescriptions

Revive meets your needs and provides you with peace of mind

Why ReviveHealth?

We got your back. Sign up for simple access to health services with greater flexibility, convenience, and affordability. Finally!

We are assurance

Insurance is insanely expensive and confusing

Insurance companies take, take, take-from premiums to co-pays to must-must-deductables

We are peace of mind

ReviveHealth is simple and easy to understand

We give, give, give-from a suite of services, discounts, and a break from piles of paperwork and claims

AND, there are no long-term contracts, you can cancel any time

We are health champions

Delivering solid membership benefits right to you

Offering services for people's health concerns

Outlining clear and precise plans so you know exactly what you're getting

Well-being, it's kinda everything

When you feel well, well...everything is just a whole lot easier

Medical Care

  • Healthcare Hotline 24/7
  • Unlimited virtual agent and primary care
  • Pediatric urgent care (additional fee required)

Mental Health

  • Behavioral health evaluation
  • Counseling sessions (up to 4 hours per year)
  • Online mental health programs

Financial Wellness

  • Save $$$ on auto, home and life insurance
  • Online marketplace with savings on your everyday purchases

Pharmacy Care

  • 50 no-cost prescription medications
  • Hundreds of medications priced at $3, $6, or $9
  • Medications delivered right to your door
  • Brand drug discount card

Wellness and Health Promotion

  • Annual risk assessment and biometric screening
  • Live, personal health coaching
  • Online wellness programs

Wellness for Everyone

Freelancers and Gig Workers

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Big and Small

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Alliances and Associations

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Where We Are

Access to Revive Health is now available in all 50 states! We're excited to support your well-being throughout the country.

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