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ReviveHealth is a membership model that provides a bundle of medical and other health services that are delivered virtually. ReviveHealth is not an insurance plan, and we recommend that members consider a high deductible health plan to cover costly and unanticipated care expenses.

ReviveHealth is built on convenience. You have access to everything ReviveHealth provides from the comfort of virtually anywhere (provided you have internet access). That means no travelling to doctor's offices and no waiting rooms. ReviveHealth delivers all your medications right to your home. Monthly memberships, for individual coverage, ranges between $29 and $44, meaning you pay less for all of the ReviveHealth services, than the cost of one doctor's office or urgent care visit. In addition, when you enroll in the ReviveMarketplace, you can save enough money on everyday purchases to pay for your membership.

There are two ReviveHealth individual memberships, ReviveCare (Re:Care) is only $29/month and RevivePlus+ (Re:Plus) is only $44/month. Both options are less than the cost of one doctor’s office visit As an added convenience, your monthly membership can be set up on autopay. Your well-being is important, and at ReviveHealth we believe healthcare should be simple, affordable, and accessible. To receive the greatest benefit from your membership you should explore all ReviveHealth has to offer, including health coaching and mental health coaching (RevivePlus+). Do not forget to take advantage of the savings in ReviveHealth’s online marketplace, ReviveMarketplace.

ReviveHealth believes that everyone should have access to healthcare, with the understanding that individuals have different needs. That’s why ReviveHealth has bundled the most popular services together creating two affordable and comprehensive options, ReviveCare (Re:Care) and RevivePlus+ (Re:Plus). Employers who wish to sponsor their employees are no different, based on whether an employer currently has an insurance plan or would simply like to add access to simple and affordable basic care. ReviveHealth has you covered with Re:Care, Re:Plus, Re:Lite, and Re:HSA. Check out our plans for Individuals and Employers and choose one that is right for you.

Yes, you may cancel any time prior to the next month's billing cycle by contacting our customer support team. Please call, 888-220-6650.

ReviveHealth provides a number of different services in your monthly membership. Unlimited, 24/7, virtual primary and urgent care, virtual Physical Therapy, 240 of the most commonly prescribed generic medications, a discount card if you need access to brand name medications, Mental Health and Wellness coaching (RevivePlus+), personal self-help information and access to our online ReviveMarketplace for discounts on your favorite brands. Please click on the “products” link at the top of the page to see which offering is right for you.

Everyone! ReviveHealth offers affordable on-demand care that everyone can benefit from

We offer access to great care quickly at an affordable price, as well as fantastic benefits. Similar to traditional healthcare you have an option to pick your virtual provider for current and ongoing care. Approximately 95 percent of Americans face access to care issues. Most people wait months to see a primary care doctor or to schedule a mental health provider visit. ReviveHealth can provide care for 80% of your basic care needs. At ReviveHealth we know you will find our membership to be an excellent value for simple, affordable, and convenient access to care.

No, ReviveHealth is an Assurance product, not insurance. Please look at our product pages and you will see that most routine and basic care is covered under a monthly membership fee. Every person that purchases a ReviveHealth membership, should also own a major medical insurance plan from your Employer, the Exchange or a Government issued comprehensive program. ReviveHealth is a concierge-level supplement to your comprehensive coverage. ReviveHealth memberships offer quick access to virtual primary and urgent care, prescriptions services, Mental Health Coaching, Flu Shots, Virtual Physical therapy, and other routine care. The quick access ReviveHealth offers allows its members to feel secure, over the majority of Employer Comprehensive Insurance plans or Individual Exchange plans, with their high deductibles and the long wait times to see a provider in-person for care.

As a Reviver, you have access to the Revive Marketplace, an online store with discounts on services and products that include things like, life insurance, auto insurance, electronics, clothing and more. In fact, you might save enough money on these purchases to pay for your membership!

Yes. The ReviveHealth team started with a simple principle: people need care that is simple, affordable, and accessible anywhere. Next, we created our program and then partnered with the highest quality, most reliable companies that deliver the services that met the goals of our program. Together, we have created a membership model that supports our mission by bringing our members tremendous value without breaking the bank.

When you use your ReviveHealth membership, we coordinate with our clinical partners on your behalf, so that your visits, with a ReviveHealth provider, do not impact your traditional insurance. We also will partner with all major insurance providers to share secured utilization data to ensure care management and coordination of each member. Your monthly membership ensures that you have no additional out of pocket expenses for your virtual healthcare visits with a ReviveHealth provider.

We have specific contracts with our provider partners that do not require us to pay them on a “per visit” basis. This means that we don’t have claims that generate traditional bills. We just roll everything up into one simple monthly membership fee to make it easy for you. This is concierge-level care, you deserve it!

Your healthcare is personal, based on your medical concerns. This means that savings can vary from person to person. If you use your ReviveHealth membership and have a High Deductible Health Plan, your medication is covered by ReviveHealth for free, if it is on our list, allowing you to save on all out-of-pocket expenses for medications. This is also true for all primary and urgent care visits. If you currently do not have any insurance you can save on your medications, primary and urgent care visits. For reference an average primary and urgent care visit can cost upwards of $120 - $150. Your ReviveHealth Membership is Unlimited Virtual Primary and Urgent care visits. This is concierge-level care. You deserve it!

There is no catch. If you, or your Employer, pays the monthly ReviveHealth membership, you receive all the benefits listed on our product page, based on the plan chosen. That’s it! ReviveHealth is a concierge-level supplement to your comprehensive coverage.

The majority of acute care and chronic care medical conditions can be diagnosed and treated virtually. For acute or chronic conditions that cannot be safely managed virtually, your ReviveHealth provider may recommend an in-person visit to a doctor that is in your medical network in your comprehensive health plan.

ReviveHealth providers are qualified to treat many conditions including but not limited to: Acne, Asthma, Anxiety, Cold/Flu, Depression, Diabetes, Migraine, Skin Rash, UTI, Acid Reflux, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Women's Health Concerns (Birth Control, Hormone Replacement, Osteoporosis, Sexual Health, and others), Men's Health Concerns (Prostate conditions, Erectile dysfunction, Low Testosterone, Hair Loss, Sexual Health, and others), Pediatric Conditions access to Pediatricians, Asthma, Cold/Flu, Skin Rash, and others). At ReviveHealth, we can treat a wide variety of conditions and we allow you to see a provider on demand for Primary and Urgent care needs or schedule an appointment with a provider when it is convenient for you

While we can take care of a lot of your healthcare needs, there are some things that need to be taken care of in-person, and some things that should not be treated virtually. These would include care for children under the age of 1, chest pain, shortness of breath or trouble breathing, confusion, severe headache, especially with a stiff neck or associated with sensitivity to light or sound, dizziness, trouble urinating and making low amounts of urine, disability evaluations, ADHD, bipolar disorder, other serious psychological conditions, and prescribing restricted medications (opioids, ADHD medications, benzodiazepines, etc.). If you are able to afford a major medical insurance plan it can help cover you for health concerns like those listed above. Your ReviveHealth membership is a supplement to a high deductible health plan and covers convenient concierge-level routine care.

Yes, exactly. The difference is that all the care you receive through ReviveHealth is provided virtually, but you get to see the same primary care doctor, via video call or chat every time. This allows the same doctor to manage your care over time and makes the visit more relational than transactional. Many concierge doctors have transitioned most of their visits to virtual appointments, post Covid pandemic. Patients don’t have the time to wait 4-6 weeks for an appointment, drive across town, wait in traffic, and then wait for their office visit. A ReviveHealth membership, allows you to have a video visit from the convenience of your home or other location on demand or when you choose to schedule the visit. The other major difference is the price. Most concierge level care services cost $100 per month for a membership. Our membership is much less and if paid by your employer, most likely you will not have to pay anything at all for our Concierge program.

We understand that not everything can be handled via virtual health…this is where traditional insurance plays a role. Coverage for major medical insurance for most people is through their Employer, such as Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna or United. Other coverage options are through the exchange for individuals and/ or Medicare. For employer sponsored RevivePlus+ (Re:Plus) and ReviveLite (Re:Lite) plans, you can receive one voucher per year to see a provider in-person at any CVS Minute Clinic. Your voucher is accessible in your member portal.

Traditional Lab work is not included free in your membership. However, we know how expensive lab work can be so we have partnered with Grassroots Lab a leader in providing exceptional savings on the lab work you may need.

A metabolic risk panel is included with your RevivePlus+ membership. Additional lab work for ReviveCare and RevivePlus+ members is available from our lab partner Grassroots Labs for a small additional fee. This is paid directly on the Grassroots website, which you can link to from inside your member portal. You have great options for your lab needs with Grassroots Labs. In your membership portal select the “My Health” tab from the top, and then on the bottom right select “Get Your Bloodwork.” From the ReviveHealth – Grassroots Lab website, you will find many of the lab tests that you may need, with the choice of at home kits or in person sample collection. A link will be sent to you for your results, which you can share with your Revive Primary Care doctor or your local doctor, your choice.

Yes. You can select your PCP in our ReviveHealth platform and schedule appointments with them specifically. However, if you need on-demand urgent care, we recommend taking the first available appointment through your membership portal. It usually only takes up to 30 minutes to see a ReviveHealth provider for urgent or on-demand care.

It depends. Receiving care at an urgent care or convenience clinic is always an option that you can pay for. However, the distinct advantage of a ReviveHealth membership is unlimited access for virtual visits, within 30 minutes, versus driving to an urgent care center and paying for every visit.

Call 911. Emergency situations require immediate attention and evaluations cannot be performed virtually. Your membership does not include any services that require an in-person visit, so you will need to make your own arrangements for these services through your major medical insurance plan. Please remember the ReviveHealth is not a filed major medical insurance product.

We understand that sometimes you just need to see a provider in-person. We have partnered with CVS Minute Clinic so that RevivePlus+ and ReviveLite members can access in-person care. From your member portal go to the “My Health” tab, at the bottom left you will find a button to print your voucher. Take the voucher to any CVS Minute clinic and receive $50 off you first appointment. (only 1 voucher per person under these plans per year)

Children ages 1 - 17 can receive care and medications through an "add-on" to a relative's adult membership for no additional cost.

Dependents aged 18 - 26 can receive care and medications through an “add-on” to a relative's adult membership for a nominal membership fee.

The annual flu shot is included in your Re:Plus and Re:Lite memberships. Once a year you can access the voucher for your flu shot through the member portal. From your member portal select the “My Well-Being" tab at the top and then scroll to the bottom right. You can select the voucher button and when the document opens, print the voucher, and take it to the nearest CVS Minute Clinic to receive your flu shot. It is that Simple!

Wellness is a core pillar of the ReviveHealth membership and a personal commitment to making a change, so we give you the tools and support you need to begin your journey. But this is not something that can be accomplished in a month, which is why we encourage you to maintain your membership. You will have access to a large volume of wellness information on diet, exercise, mental health, disease states and more. If you prefer some help and guidance or are interested in coaching sessions for Mental Health and Wellness, our RevivePlus+ membership includes these services as part of your membership. We also encourage you to get your Metabolic Risk Panel (Included with RevivePlus+) completed for the most accurate picture of your health. This information can be shared with your virtual provider and allow him/ her to use these key markers to assess your current health risks and help you make better decisions regarding your care and treatment.

You are not required to complete the wellness assessment however, if you are a RevivePlus+ member and you would like to schedule and work with a health coach you will need to complete the wellness assessment to set a baseline to help you and your coach set and achieve your goals.

As a RevivePlus+ member you will need to complete your Health Assessment and Metabolic Risk Panel before you can sign up for your health coaching sessions on our Health Coaching Scheduler (coming soon!). If you are a ReviveCare member and would like to receive coaching, you can upgrade your membership anytime to RevivePlus+. If you have any questions on this benefit, please call our customer service department at 888-220-6650.

Health coaching includes strategies to support you with healthy lifestyle changes and modifications. This can be related to diet, exercise or assistance in managing a chronic condition. Sometimes getting started on a new path is the hardest part, our Health Coaches are certified to help you make decisions that are both healthy and achieve results.

A metabolic risk panel is an important part of a wellness assessment and includes tests that help identify your risk of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. We include this in the RevivePlus+ membership to help you determine if you might be prone to one of these serious conditions.

ReviveHealth has partnered with Grassroots Labs for a metabolic panel. As a RevivePlus+ member log in to your member portal and go to the “ My Health” tab in the bottom right you can select the “Metabolic Risk Panel” button to access and print your voucher. Take your voucher to the nearest Grassroots Lab partner, which is likely a Quest lab. See which location is closest to you. Your results will be provided to you by Grassroots Labs through a secure communication. Once you receive these results, you can save this information by selecting the “My Health” tab and under “Have a health concern?” select “Learn More”, look for the “Documents” button to upload and save your important health information or share the results with your Virtual Provider.

For residents of AZ, RI, NY and NJ you can take your voucher to your nearest CVS Minute Clinic for testing and results.

Our wellness assessment gives you guidance around what areas to focus on. Our website has resources, articles, self-help modules and more to help with several conditions available to all ReviveHealth members. If you would like some additional one-on-one help, RevivePlus+ and ReviveLite sponsored plans receive 10 coaching visits a year and ReviveCare sponsored plans receive 5 coaching visits per year. We do not offer virtual mental health coaching with the individually purchased ReviveCare plan, but you can upgrade to the individual RevivePlus+ plan at any time to receive 10 mental health coaching sessions. Employer Sponsored plans have mental health coaching in all plans except the HSA plan at this time.

As a RevivePlus+ member you can sign up for mental health coaching by completing the onboarding intake assessment via phone with our Licensed Care Social Worker (LCSW). Our LCSW will assist you with completing a full intake assessment. If you are an Individually enrolled ReviveCare member and you would like access to mental health coaching services, you can upgrade your membership anytime to RevivePlus+.

Our mental or behavioral health coaching has a cap on visits, and they are different for each plan. If you need more care, such as therapy, you should call your major medical plan and schedule a visit with a local provider in your area. Our concierge team can assist with helping you find care with your insurance carrier.

Virtual Physical Therapy is an opportunity for you to take part in coaching sessions that focus on relieving painful symptoms commonly associated with neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees, and other areas. ReviveCare and RevivePlus+ members can learn how to manage and overcome painful conditions in their tailored one on one virtual sessions.

When you need a medication, you can make an appointment with one of our providers, through our member portal, your provider will discuss with you your care needs, condition, and medication requirements for the best course of action. After the prescription is electronically prescribed, you will be contacted by our pharmacy partner, ManifestRx, to verify your information and prescription. (Please note that our mail order services are currently not available in CA but will be soon.) In the meantime, you can use your ManifestRx/ Revive Discount Card (powered by ManifestRx) to obtain prescriptions at your local pharmacy at a deeply discounted rate. Please click ReviveDiscount, in our member portal, to receive a discount card to take to your local pharmacy)

You can receive a 30- or 90-day supply (depending on the medication) by mail in less than 5 business days. The prescribing doctor, or nurse, will make this decision. Most maintenance prescriptions are 90-day supplies.

  1. If your medication is on our free medication list, there will be no charge for the medication. You can receive the medication shipped to your home, with a 30- or 90-day supply. Your membership includes one free shipment per month for your medications. Additional shipments are $5.
  2. If your provider writes a prescription for a medication not included on the list, there may be an additional fee for that medication which will be charged by our pharmacy partner, ManifestRx.
  3. If you have your prescription sent to your local pharmacy, the pharmacy will charge a fee for your prescription, even if it is on our included list. Remember, our free pharmacy program is for mail order medications only. However, we want to make sure you get the best pricing on any medication, which is why we have the Discount Prescription Card. When you go to the pharmacy for a short-term prescription, DON’T FORGET to bring YOUR Rx DISCOUNT CARD.
  4. ReviveHealth members can receive one free shipment each month. Additional shipments are $5 each

If you have run out of your medication and cannot wait for the mail order process or you need a prescription right away the best option is to use your pharmacy discount card at a local pharmacy near you to have your prescription filled.

After the prescription is electronically written, you will be contacted by our pharmacy partner, ManifestRx, to verify your information and prescription.

It is easy to refill a medication when you have refills available on your prescription you can use the PocketRx app

  1. Scan QR code to download “PocketRx” app 
  2. Enter the pharmacy’s code 29650
  3. Select “Refills” and enter your contact and prescription details

If your provider says that you need a medication that is not included as part of your membership, or you need it right away, you can search for the lowest prices for your medication at a pharmacy near you at:

Ask the provider to send the medication to the pharmacy you choose

Your discount card will save you $$ on your cash payment for the medication

You may contact the local pharmacy that you selected for information about the receipt of your prescription.

How will I know when the prescription at my local pharmacy will be ready?

Some pharmacy’s may call you to let you know when your prescription is ready. We suggest that you contact the pharmacy you selected to find out when your prescription is ready.

After you become a Revive member, we suggest you obtain the Revive Pharmacy Discount Card at

Yes, you can use your discount card at a local pharmacy or for your convenience, you can transfer your medication to Revive to have your refill processed. Please select the “Transfer my prescription” button under the “My Meds” tab in your membership portal to complete the transfer. Remember to have your medication information in front of you to make the process easier.

Please schedule an appointment with a ReviveHealth care provider to discuss refilling your prescription(s) prior to running low so that you do not miss a dose.

Yes, in your Member Portal access the “My Meds” tab and look for the section to transfer your prescriptions. Please have your prescription with you to fill in all required fields and submit your request. Your prescription will be evaluated, processed, and shipped for arrival in 1-3 days.