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See our FAQ for more information about the Revive pharmacy program

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Getting control of your health is easy with Revive!

Revive gives you the care you want, the medications you need, and supports your well-being with a simple, convenient, and affordable plan that is right for anyone with out health insurance


One simple, affordable health membership


Primary care, mental health, wellness, and prescriptions


Revive meets your needs and provides you with peace of mind

One simple, affordable health membership

Primary care, mental health, wellness, and prescriptions

Revive meets your needs and provides you with peace of mind

Why ReviveHealth?

We've got your back. Sign up for simple access to health services with greater flexibility, convenience, and affordability. Finally!

We are assurance

ReviveHealth offers security for the most basic of needs. Healthcare

Consumer access to healthcare should be hassle and worry free. ReviveHealth provides easy access, self help tools, resources and knowledgeable providers when and where you need care.

We are peace of mind

ReviveHealth is simple and easy to understand

Healthcare within reach for everyone. ReviveHealth makes access to addressing your care needs simple and easy. From your smartphone, iPad or computer, meet with a provider, receive mental health coaching or refill a prescription. It is that easy.

AND, there are no long-term contracts, you can cancel any time

We are health champions

Delivering solid membership benefits right to you

Need help navigating your care needs? Our concierge services and providers are there to help. You're never lost when you've got ReviveHealth.

“Health care costs are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the US, and for many this fact prevents people from getting routine and preventive care.This leads to higher health care costs for the individual and for society as a whole. ReviveHealth offers a unique product that is especially relevant to the uninsured and underinsured and is able to do this at lower cost due to the lack of bricks and mortars. While online care has been occurring for some time now and was accelerated by the pandemic, this model offers more than episodic care to truly improve the health of individuals and communities who areotherwise left by the wayside by traditional models of payment and healthcare.”

~ Elisabeth Stambaugh, MD, MMM

Chief Medical Officer, Wake Forest Baptist Health Network


Wellness for Everyone

Concierge services when you need a little extra help

Medical care

Unlimited virtual urgent and primary care Monday-Friday at 8am-8pm EST

Chronic care management

Pediatric virtual urgent care
(Children ages 1-17 free with adult membership)

Virtual physical therapy

Men's and women's health

Pharmacy Care

Over 240 generic medications are included in your membership

Free shipping to your door

Brand drug discount card

Prescription drug guidance

See our Medication List

Mental Health

Mental health evaluation

Virtual mental health coaching

Online mental health resources and programs

Wellness and Health Promotion

Health risk assessment

Live, personal health coaching

Online wellness programs

Metabolic risk panel

Programs to assist with SDOH

Discounts on lab work

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